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  • Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

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    GRP Roofing Installers

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GRP Fibreglass Roofing Installers

One of our services that we offer is, Expert GRP Fibreglass Roofing Installation.

If you need a flat roof covering installing, hiring Coulsy Ltd to cover your roof with GRP Fibreglass is a good choice.

TriRoof GRP Roof by Tricel Composites

Triroof is a premium range if Fibreglass / GRP Roofing Materials for the flat roofing industry.


TriRoof Guaranteed Roofing Resin

Lloyd’s Approved Roofing Resin

The TriRoof Lloyd’s Approved Roofing Resin is a pure, zero blend, 100% Polyester Roofing Resin. This premium Resin is certified and tested by Lloyd’s register which has been subject to vigorous testing. It offers fast wet out of fibreglass chopped strand matting, saving time and increasing efficiency.

As this resin is completely pure, you will be guaranteed the highest-quality every time. Each product is batch tested for full traceability and compliance.


TriRoof Guaranteed Roofing Topcoat

Standard Roofing Topcoat

The TriRoof Standard Roofing Topcoats are a weatherproof, finishing layer for fibreglass flat roofs. Specifically formulated for roofing, these Topcoats are easy to apply and cure to a tack-free finish.

Standard Roofing Topcoats are available in a Light or Dark Grey finish.






Looking for a superior, long lasting upgrade for your flat roof?

  • Durability: GRP roofing systems have a reputation for their strength and durability which is one of the main reasons they are used. If you follow the correct guidelines or hire a professional company who will install the material correctly, your roof will remain in place without problems for years to come.
  • Weight: It is a great option for lightweight and green roofs. If other materials are too heavy for a structure then fibreglass will not only offer similar levels of protection, it also works well on more complex roof shapes.
  • No Joints: As the material is in liquid form it also means there are no joins or seams left on the roof surface after installation. This creates a smooth finish that other forms of roofing systems struggle to match.
  • Repairs: These are made incredibly easy thanks to the material being used. Not only is it a tough and durable solution but making repairs couldn’t be simpler. Maintenance can also be carried out by the property owner to a very high standard.
  • Aesthetics: GRP fibreglass comes in a wide range of colours which provides a great level of choice for property owners. If you have a specific colour scheme on the property you’re looking to match against, this is far more likely to be possible with GRP.

At Coulsy we have years of expertise in GRP Fibreglass roofing and are approved registered GRP Fibreglass installers.


What is GRP Fibreglass?

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is comprised of polyester resin and chopped strand mat glass fibres, which are mixed together to form a laminate.

GRP fibreglass has become one of the most popular forms of flat roofing systems. it is a strong material that doesn’t add too much extra weight to the structure.

It has been around in variations since the 40s and 50s. The modern versions are far superior and used throughout the building industry.


Are you currently engaged in a building / roofing related project for yourself or another client ?

Coulsy Ltd are ready to help finish the job in a clean, timely and professional manner.

Here at Coulsy our GRP Fibreglass roofing service is the perfect choice for those who need a professional service for expert GRP Fibreglass roofing installation.

Experienced and qualified roofers for small and large jobs throughout the UK.

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GRP Fibreglass Installation Experts

GRP Fibreglass Roofing

As GRP Fibreglass roof installers we have the knowledge, expertise and vast experience to install your GRP Fibreglass roof.

Contact Robert 07544 030486 for Assistance and Guidance

Or if you prefer, email me at robert@coulsy.co.uk

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