Door Hinge Jig Calculator

Use this simple hinge jig calculator to work out quickly the internal size you need to make your jig so you can use a router to machine your hinge cut outs.

Premium hinge leaf measurements:

3″ the leaf is generally 76mm x 19mm | 4″ the leaf is generally 102mm x 30mm

Enter Hinge Leaf Length mm
Enter Hinge Leaf Width mm
Enter Router Guide Bush Diameter mm
Enter Router Cutter Diameter mm
Collet – Cutter Difference mm
Collet – Cutter Difference ( Half ) mm
Hinge Jig Opening Length – Internal dimension for router guide to follow mm
Hinge Jig Opening Width – Internal dimension for router guide to follow mm

Record Player Stand

Here is a snapshot of a Record player stand I made for home using Reclaimed 8″ oak beams.

I had some 12mm Glass cut to size to form the shelves.

Nice to listen to the old vinyls again.

Understanding a Bench Plane

I’ve started collecting woodworking planes and it’s amazing how they vary.

I found this great drawing of a bench plane and it’s components.


bench plane frog

Bench Plane Drawing

Handmade onsite Louvre Doors

Joiner Handmade onsite Louvre Doors.

When a client needs and urgent set of Timber vented Louvre doors making fo a bin store.

Had to grab the best redwood from the local merchant which wasn’t the best, but such a rush job.

However they turned out fine and when painted black looked like they were from the factory.